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Microlens increases brightness of LED lamps for cars

Microlens increases brightness of LED lamps for cars

By BizLED Bureau

April 13, 2015: Taiwan-based auto parts manufacturer Beampro Technology Co Ltd, used a microlens to increase the brightness of LED lamps of vehicles like two-wheelers, cars, etc. The microlens called Cat’s Pupil was showcased at Taipei AMPA & AutoTronics Taipei 2015, a trade show on auto parts.

Made of reinforced polycarbonate (PC), the microlens can cut down diffusion of light by narrowing down the orientation of the light of an LED chip. When compared with LED lamps that orientate light with a reflector, Cat?s Pupil can cut down power consumption up to 1/3, the company claimed. The diameter of the lens is 7mm. A 1W LED chip is used for it.

Cat’s Pupil enables usage of more than 95% of light emitted from an LED chip, and realizes a total efficiency of more than 100% higher than that of a reflective LED.

This LED lamp can be used for various applications such as searchlights, fog lamps, headlamps of cars and two-wheelers, etc.

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to get more info about this company and if they sell to trading companys or sell direct to retail sell’s such as myself. I am now selling the 4D Lens offered for LED Offroad light bars driving lights and work light’s. I would very much like to get a catalof and price list from them or to be able to locate them in Alibaba or GlobalSource.com.

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