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Moscow Metro gets circadian LED lighting

Moscow Metro gets circadian LED lighting


By BizLED Bureau

May 5, 2017: Moscow Metro has started running new generation trains that are featured with LED lighting that adapts to the time of day. Moscow authorities called these new vehicles as the“best metro trains in the world.”

The new trains run on the busiest route—Tagansko-Krasnopresnensky and feature a ‘cold’ tone of LED lighting in the morning, and with sun set it turns into a warmer shade.

Circadian rhythms act as the body’s internal clock, and people when exposed to blue light in the morning wake up, and also boost concentration levels at work and school.

In the evening, the LED lights turn into a darker shade that helps the body to know that soon it will be time to sleep.

Vertical LED panels have been used to frame the doors of the train. When the train door closes, the light is white, and it is open, the door glows with red LED light. This is the same on the external side of the door as well.

When the train approaches a station, a green LED light is used to highlight it inside the train. In fact, every part of the trains feature some kind of LED lighting—even the USB ports and sockets have LEDs.

The trains also include interactive LED backlit screens, which shows advertising, maintenance work, tariffs, regulations, etc.

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  1. Wow
    This is just amazing!!
    I read this post I found it very interesting and awesome.
    I think every metro train should adopt this great technology as it is energy efficient, ecofriendly and many other advantages as already mentioned in the post.
    Loved reading it and dreaming of travelling by it one day. :)

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