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Mumbai Metro to switch over to LED lighting, solar energy

Mumbai Metro to switch over to LED lighting, solar energy

By BizLED Bureau

June 10, 2016: Mumbai Metro One is all set to celebrate its second anniversary in a ‘green’ way by embracing solar energy, switching over to LED lights along with other energy-efficient measures, according to an official.

Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd (MMOPL), a subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, will now use solar energy in order to meet a part of its running needs, and switch over to at each and every metro stations, its administrative buildings and depots to decrease electricity use.

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Under the scheme, rooftop solar panels will be set up at four locations on the MMOPL’s storehouse and also across 12 stations on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar line, which is the first metro railway that serves Mumbai, connecting the western and eastern suburbs.

Go green, go clean

The scheme is a part of Mumbai Metro One’s ‘Go green go clean campaign’ introduced to celebrate its second anniversary. The whole solar power generating system is to have installed capacity of 2.3 MW; about 2 MW will be generated from the rooftop installations at stations while remaining from the panels set up at the storehouse.

The power generated from the solar panels will be used for non-traction use in activities such as air-conditioning, maintenance and lighting.

The auxiliary power need of Mumbai metro for non-traction use is 6.9 MW, out of which 30% will be met by solar energy once the system is set up and running.

An entire conversion of all lighting at Mumbai Metro One’s storehouse, stations and administrative buildings to LED lamps is to be undertaken simultaneously and is likely to slash the electricity consumption by half.

Mumbai Metro to switch over to LED lighting, solar energy

A MMOPL spokesperson said that the Mumbai metro has always focused on eco-friendliness thus, providing a safe and clean ride to the passengers. As a liable and careful mass rapid transport (MRT) utility, it is important to decrease the carbon release as far as possible.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that the scheme to harness solar power to meet electricity need of the Mumbai metro will strengthen the commitment towards the go-green slogan.

The MMOPL’s regular wash plant uses about 1,200 litres of water for washing each train out of which, about 1,000 litres (85%) of water is collected and recycled for reuse. Only 200 litre of water (15%) is dispersed due to wind and high pressure jets that are used for cleaning.

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It implemented a novel design scheme by setting up wash plant on an elevated ramp and placing the water recycle plant right beneath it, thus adding to the competence of water collection.

MMOPL has also cut its water consumption for cleaning inside train compartments by an enormous 90% from a previous 200 litres to just 20 liters for each train.

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