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Mysuru set to boost LED bulb sales after price cut

Mysuru set to boost LED bulb sales after price cut

By BizLED Bureau

May 16, 2016: Following the price cut in LED bulbs under the the Energy Department’s Hosa Belaku scheme, the The Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) in Mysuru is set to boost sales of the bulbs. Under this scheme, an LED bulb can now be purchased at Rs 80 instead of Rs. 100.

Even though there has been no abrupt increase in the sales owing to the price cut, CESC is hopeful to boost the sale of LED bulbs within the next few months.

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A total of 52 counters have come up in five districts under CESC that include Mysuru, Kodagu, Chamarajnagar Hassan and Mandya for the LED bulb sales. For this, the authority introduced a separate division called Demand Side Management in order to check the execution of the Hosa Belaku scheme.

Mysuru set to boost LED bulb sales after price cut

Under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Program, the specialized body of the Union government, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd has been allocating LEDs at reduced rate Rs. 80 per bulb. The body buys bulbs from private manufacturers and allocates among the customers with the aim to attain energy efficiency.

CESC requires around 67 lakh bulbs in order to distribute among its customers, while the state’s requirement is more than six crore bulbs. CESC is expecting save around 120 million units of electricity provided the entire family unit in its jurisdiction begin to use LEDs.

M S Anne Gowda, the executive engineer of CESC said that the price cut was due to the LED production increase. The production volume has soared up and the now the customers can reap all the benefits. There is sufficient awareness amongst the people with regards to the scheme. However, there is the need to penetrate in order to increase the overall sale of the LED bulbs, he added

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In a recent statement, CESC said that the meter readers will also be provided with some amount of LED bulbs in order to sell them to the customers. Additionally, mobile sales had been introduced with the aim to spread awareness and reach to the customers in a direct manner.

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