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Nagaland village becomes the first LED light village

Nagaland village becomes the first LED light village

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 28, 2016: Taking cue from ‘energy conservation’ around the globe, Department of Environment in Nagaland state of India, Forest and Climate Change organized a programme around the three fringe area villages of Fakim wildlife sanctuary. The program was held on Easter’s Sunday Service eve, for distribution of eco-friendly materials and informing villagers about the benefits of using eco-friendly technology like solar lamps and LED bulbs.

Deputy Commissioner at Fakim village stressed the need for electricity saving by adopting energy efficient and eco-friendly technology like Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs and solar lamps. The other high-level officials stressed for the same measures.

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The villagers were inspired to change the traditional lighting patterns with new ‘power efficient’ 15-watt LED bulbs making Fakim as the first complete LED light village in Nagaland. Further, the village council made a resolution to stop using tungsten light. Village council submitted representation to junior engineer of Electricity department, to given an equivalent concession on community electricity bill.

All the villagers pledged to use natural light, paint home interior into white/bright, use energy efficient LEDs, CFLs, and solar charged light, switch off lights when not in use to save electricity and requested the consumers to spread this message to their family, friends and relatives.

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Range forest officer Lansothung Lotha, and Forest guard John Yimchunger participated in the special Easter church service in Thanamir and Vongtsuvong village respectively as they distributed solar charged lamps to every village household. Wildlife warden, Kiphire wildlife division, Kamdi Hemant Bhaskar IFS, thanked Trustee, EcoSolutions, Mumbai, Yatendra Agraval for providing all the material and technical help. The NGO is working tirelessly for rural lighting and other eco-friendly technologies.

Till date, almost 7000 solar lamps have been distributed in Nagaland and ready for expansion of the same along with Terafil (low cost water filters) technology for iron contaminated areas in other parts of Nagaland. The Deputy Commissioner inaugurated the program with the signboard which read- “Fakim – First Complete LED Light Village”.

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