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NanoLumens dismisses claims against Infiled USA & DetaiLED Solutions

NanoLumens dismisses claims against Infiled USA & DetaiLED Solutions

Sep 19, 2017: NanoLumens, a creators of compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, and Infiled USA and DetaiLED Solutions, providers of customized technology solutions utilizing LED displays, announced they have reached a settlement to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit. Although DetaiLED Solutions had displayed a flexible LED display model on its website, Infiled USA and DetaiLED Solutions demonstrated that they have not sold and agreed that they will not make, use, sell, offer for sale, or import any flexible LED display modules that infringe NanoLumens’ patents in the United States. The parties anticipate future discussions to explore mutually beneficial business opportunities.

DetaiLED Solutions

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, DetaiLED’s partners have vast experience in and knowledge of the markets in which they operate. DetaiLED works with carefully selected manufacturers. DetaiLED specifies the end product, chooses and selects the components, and checks manufacturing and production prior to shipment. DetaiLED customizes based on the client’s design and intent, using an extensive background and expertise to create designs which are not hampered by the boundaries of technology. Every project is different and DetaiLED’s people have been trained to get the most out of the available technology.


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NanoLumens partners with clients to create uniquely compelling, interactive LED visualization solutions that take the guess work out of owning a display network. As the fastest growing visualization company in the US, our experiential LED displays exceed the imaginations of global clients in retail, transportation, corporate, gaming, higher education, sports and arenas, and houses of worship. Through world-class proprietary technology, NanoLumens displays are ultra-thin and lightweight, energy efficient and available in any size, shape or curvature. NanoLumens solutions are proudly designed and assembled in the United States of America and come backed by an industry-leading six-year warranty.

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