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New aeroponics plant growing system with LED lighting

New aeroponics plant growing system with LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 3, 2017: Seed Volage Tech, a US startup, has unveiled an aeroponics plant growing system with LED lighting, which will enable to grow plants effectively in an air or mist environment without soil and with very little water. The system is portable, and allows to grow plants in a limited space.

The aeroponics plant growing system called Aerostylic on Indiegogo, is a fully automated system that controls watering, the timer and LED lighting to optimize growing conditions.

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The system has an automated sprayer that mists the nutrient solution mix. The liquid nutrient solution flows through the distribution hose mister dispersed to the root. The leftover nutrient solution can be reused. The LED lamp’s neck is adjustable to raise and lower the height.

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The system contains a water reservoir container, which is filled with water and a nutrient solution mix. A pump automatically mists the nutrient-rich solution onto the roots of the plants.

The LED lamp that is mounted on top of the unit provides the necessary amount of lighting for the correct duration of time. The LED lamp’s neck can be adjusted depending on the height of the plants. The system can be controlled with a remote control that comes with a fully integrated app on smartphone or laptop.

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