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New Dialog LED driver improves LED light dimming

New Dialog LED driver improves LED light dimming

February 6, 2015: Dialog Semiconductor has announced that it has further improved its LED light dimming capability of its LED driver.

The new LED driver iW3688 is a single-stage driver that can be used for applications up to 20W, including T8 tubes, A-style, GU10, BR, candle and PAR bulbs.

Flicker-free dimming

The new LED driver iW3688 can deliver flicker-free and shimmer-free dimming that will enable a wide range of phase-cut dimmers which are popular in different applications.

No external bleeder circuit

iW3688 also cuts out the external bleeder circuit, claims Dialog. Instead of the bleeder circuit, digital algorithms have been integrated that modulate primary FET switching to get extra current during dimming. This helps the input current to flow continuously, the company said.

iW3688?s dimmer detection helps the chip to work with leading-edge dimmers (R-type or R-L type), trailing-edge dimmers (R-C type), as well as with smart dimmers.

Dialog claims the chip can be used in external lighting ballasts, and in both buck-boost and fly-back topologies.

The reversible over-temperature protection can detect high internal bulb temperature, which results in cooler operation, and avoids exceeding the temperature rating of the electrolytic capacitors, Dialog said.

Dialog?s patented digital algorithms eliminate more than 20 components, including the external bleeder circuit, enabling integrated active biasing for high performance dimming at a lower BOM cost compared to conventional bleeder circuits. The iW3688 also works with off-the-shelf inductors to further reduce the BOM.

Source: Dialog Semiconductor

For more info: http://iwatt.com/product/iw3688/

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