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New energy-efficient bulb developed, but fear threat from LED

New energy-efficient bulb developed, but fear threat from LED

By BizLED Bureau

September 8, 2015: A startup company called Finally Light Bulb has developed a new kind of bulb that will soon hit the market. The startup claims that this new bulb is much more efficient than the old incandescent lights which are not energy efficient.

These new bulbs look like old traditional bulbs and last far longer. The company claims that these bulbs can emit light like the old bulb color. However, these bulbs are not dimmable, but Finally is developing bulbs that will be dimmable.

?We?ve created a bulb that has everything you love about incandescents, especially the warm, comfortable light quality, just without the energy waste,? said John Goscha, founder and CEO of Finally.

The company brought together some of the greatest minds in lighting industry, including the former heads of research at General Electric and Osram Sylvania, to create a true replacement for the incandescent bulb. The team worked relentlessly to figure out how to develop the right lighting technology for homes?one that would deliver the same warm omnidirectional glow of incandescent without the same energy waste, and at the same time it has to be affordable.

The light bulbs developed by Finally generate light via induction, the principle through which electrical currents can be generated via magnetic fields. Induction often is used to recharge electronic devices such as Apple Watches and is used in some electric motors.

In these bulbs, an electric charge flows through copper coils inside the bulb, creating an electromagnetic field that interacts with a gas inside the bulb to create ultraviolet light. When those photons pass through the bulb?s phosphor-coated glass shell, they?re converted into warm visible light.

These bulbs are sold through Finally?s website and also through Soap.com, Diapers.com and Casa.com.


  • Same familiar shape and light, fits everywhere.
  • Instant On and Instant Re-start.
  • Rated life of 15,000 hours, or 15x longer than incandescent.*
  • Easy on the wallet and the electric bill.
  • Energy-efficient and recyclable.



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  1. Sounds like a glorified CFL lamp, still contains mercury and still doesn’t dim so what’s the point? When you say recyclable like it’s a good thing you make it sound like a positive, but there’s nothing positive about the fact that this lamp MUST be recycled because if you throw it away you’re dumping more mercury into the environment.

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