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New IR LED & IR laser applications to open up biz opportunities

New IR LED & IR laser applications to open up biz opportunities

By BizLED Bureau

Jan 9, 2017: The markets of the IR LED/ IR laser and optical sensor applications will open up a variety of business opportunities as major IR products like security surveillance systems, and new tools and applications like iris recognition, facial recognition, pulse oximetry sensor, virtual reality, automotive sensors, etc, are in demand, states a LEDinside report, a division of the market research firm TrendForce.

Demand for IR LED increases

Security surveillance systems: The report pointed out that due to increase in awareness of social security, demand for security surveillance systems and products are growing, pushing the IR market to grow.

Automotive night vision systems: Automotive night vision has become prevalent mostly in western countries—for example, CMOS camera that help increase driver’s perception and see a distance to a range of 100 m long and 40 m wide in darkness highways. These systems require IR LEDs and IR laser.

IR applications in automotive market: The automotive application market saw a stable growth of IR LED and IR laser applications. Global car makers have started developing exterior car safety technology. Research of interior car safety is also in full swing, It is also expected that the development of systems detecting the driver’s reflex reaction will be the focus to lower the accident rate. This will majorly push the IR LED market.

Facial recognition and iris recognition systems: With the rise in mobile payment, demand for facial recognition and iris recognition systems have gone up, pushing the IR LEDs and IR laser market. Fujitsu and Samsung have already introduced iris recognition into their smartphones, which will encourage other phone manufacturers to follow suit.

Fitness wearables: The popularity of fitness wearables is also driving the IR LED and IR lase market. In the future, devices for home care, training and education, and attention assist will also have potentials to thrive the market.

Virtual reality: The rapid growth of virtual reality will also drive growth of the total revenue of LED applications. According to LEDinside, in 2016 the revenue reached to US$ 14 million, and that in the coming years the trend will keep picking up. In 2017, it is expected that three main VR applications will increase their output, and manufacturers like Tencent, Nintendo, Microsoft and Dell will also join in the market.

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