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New LED lamp will control mood through Bluetooth: Orilamp

New LED lamp will control mood through Bluetooth: Orilamp

Feb 5, 2016: Orilamp is a beautifully designed, origami-inspired mood lamp that is bringing fun and character to the connected world. Orilamp connects to a user’s phone via Bluetooth and can be completely controlled with the easy-to-use app. Currently, a limited number of Orilamps are being offered at the discounted price of $89 on Indiegogo.

New LED lamp will control mood through Bluetooth: Orilamp

With the ability to fold into at least four different shapes, Orilamp’s accordion-style design gives users the opportunity to transform living rooms, outdoor spaces or offices and can also be used in case of emergencies. This smart light also has the ability to act as an alarm, waking up users gently with a gradual light that mimics a sunrise.

“We want to bring to market a modern, attractive, multi-purpose lamp that is not only powerful, but easily shaped or folded up and lasts all night,” Orilamp Co-Founder, David He, said. “By providing users with light for at least seven hours of continuous use, Orilamp’s LED’s bring powerful light to even the darkest of nights.”

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With the ability to be folded as a rainbow, full-moon or hanging paper lantern, Orilamp can be positioned to fit various lifestyles and environments. When Orilamp is folded up and closed, the triangular magnets on the edges of the lamp latch and the light automatically shuts off and turns back on when reopened. When fully shut, Orilamp resembles a tiny wooden box that is not only discrete but portable and lightweight, fitting in most purses and backpack pockets.

The free Orilamp application is available for both iOS and Android phones and helps users stay connected to have full control over lighting. Setting the mood with the Orilamp app is simple and takes only seconds. Simply drag a finger down the mood setting section of the app and Orilamp adjusts to any level of brightness. Also within the application, users are able to monitor the battery and schedule automatic on and off times to save energy.

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When Orilamp needs more juice, the lamp conveniently uses a micro-USB cable to charge the battery in only 60 minutes. Made of a combination of environmentally friendly materials, the covers are made of natural wood that is FSC Certified. The outer material is made with heat-resistant Nomex paper and LED lights that are equivalent to 70-Watt bulbs. Orilamp dimensions are 4.1in. x 4.1in. x 1.77in and weighs only .75 lbs.

Orilamp can be pre-ordered starting at $89 for one lamp, which is 40% off the future retail price of $149. Each customer has the choice between American Black Wood or German Blonde Birch wood cover options. For $10 more, customers can purchase a magnetic strap for easy carrying.

About Orilamp

Created by Toronto-based engineers and designers, Orilamp is a Bluetooth-enabled, multi-purpose modern lamp designed to meet your everyday lighting needs with a creative twist. As a new lighting solution the blends art, design and technology, Orilamp is changing the way people see the world.

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