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New LED lighting system to grow plants in greenhouse

New LED lighting system to grow plants in greenhouse

May 1, 2015: With consumers demanding fresh local fruits and vegetables and are also getting increasingly aware of food security, commercial plant producers are looking for technology solutions to grow good quality food and also enhance volume of the produce.

The research department of College of New Caledonia (CNC), which has developed and tested several LED lighting systems, has collaborated with LED experts at QuantoTech Solutions and the Alacrity Foundation to design and develop cost-effective LED lighting solutions for plant producers.

The aim of the project is to innovate cost-effective LED lighting systems that will allow plant growers to customise intensity of lighting in their greenhouses so that they can optimise lighting throughout the greenhouse during the complete plant crop cycle.

According to Alycia van der Gracht, Manager of Operations and Supply Chain, QuantoTech, every plant grower has different lighting requirements. ?After partnering with CNC, we found that different local plant growers have different crops and hence they have different lighting requirements. Accordingly, we will make the best lighting solutions,? said Alycia van der Gracht.

This project is being led by Oro Barton, electronics instructor, CNC. ?We have invited experts to connect with CNC researchers to develop innovative technologies to help grow cold climate plants.

CNC will also work with Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community to put in place LED systems in greenhouses to grow a range of herbs and vegetables during the winter months when natural sunlight is insufficient.

Photo caption: QuantoTech and CNC install LED lights in the Baldy Hughes greenhouse. Photo courtesy: CNC

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