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New SLL lighting handbook for 2018

New SLL lighting handbook for 2018

By BizLED Bureau

Aug 11, 2017: Illuminating Engineering Society, the Society of Light and Lighting will come out with the second edition of the SLL Lighting Handbook for 2018. The society had published the first handbook in 2009, to mark its centenary year.

Since 2009, many changes have taken place in lighting technology. While some lamp types have disappeared altogether, the LED lamps have advanced with new technologies. Lighting controls have also advanced and are being used more than in 2009. The Internet of Things had also not been connected with lighting back in 2009.

The SLL Lighting Handbook is good for anyone who is looking for information about the technology and application of lighting. It is a good source for both lighting professionals and consumers.

The new edition has over 100 pages more than the original, with 10 more chapters. It has highlighted the developments of the lighting industry in the last decade. There will be new chapters focusing on the recent lighting applications like lighting for places of worship, control of electric lighting, lighting for temporary architectural events and extreme environments. The new handbook will have visuals for the designers.

The handbook is being produced under the leadership of Paul Ruffles, ex-chair of the SLL Technical and Publications Committee.

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