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New Solispost solar powered streetlights hit market

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June 2, 2016: A new street light is now available from the Solispost range of solar powered street furniture. Designed for use along footpaths, cycle ways and drives, the street light is available in two heights, 3m and 4m. Both models have two high performance white LED lamps providing 180 lm/watt and with a beam angle of 71°.

The new street light uses Solispost technology to ensure reliability of light levels even in adverse weather conditions and at times of low daytime sunshine levels. Used for over a year in the solispost lighting post, Solispost technology is now well proven in many installations both in the UK and overseas.

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All Solispost street lighting products have been designed for solar power generation, unlike some competitor products that use a solar panel fixed to a conventionally powered unit.

Build quality is high ensuring the solispost street light can withstand extremes of temperature, both high and low, and is resistant to all but the most determined vandalism. The aluminium housing has an IP rating of 66 (able to protect against powerful waterjets) ensuring the unit will not be damaged by heavy rainfall – or worse.

New Solispost solar powered streetlights hit market

The attractive contemporary design of the new street light makes it suitable for any location including luxury hotel driveways, educational campuses, multi building sites and local amenity parks and open spaces. The street light can also be installed in challenging environments such as marinas where connection to a fixed electrical power supply is sometimes difficult.

Solispost technology uses two levels of lighting. The street light maintains a continuous low lighting level from dusk to dawn which is then automatically increased as the street light’s sensors detect the approach of a person or vehicle. This creates a moving pool of light as the person or vehicle moves along the path or roadway.

Not only does this maximise the use of solar generated energy and ensure reliability of lighting levels, it also reduces light pollution. In rural areas this helps to protect the night sky and in more urban areas, reduces the impact of lighting on nearby housing.

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Solispost solar powered street lighting reduces costs and reduces the carbon footprint. With no connection to the grid or a generator, installation costs are much reduced as is disturbance to the surrounding area with no trenching or cabling needed. Solispost lighting can be installed in remote areas where grid or generator connection is either not practicable or cost is prohibitive. Ongoing energy running costs are zero and maintenance requirements are minimal.

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