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Niagara Falls will glow under LED lights

Niagara Falls will glow under LED lights

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 2, 2016: The management committee of Niagara Falls (Ontario) Tourism is planning to upgrade the current lighting system to LED lights by September this year. According to a leading business daily, the idea came from inputs of tourists, who visit the tourist spot round the year.

Citing once incident from the spot, few tourists asked the authority to light up the falls as there were no lights till 9 in the evening. The process starts late considering energy-conservation factor but this was not enough to generate ‘wow’ factor for the visitors.

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The committee had a brainstorming session and the dual-nationality Niagara Falls Illumination Board decided to invest in US$ 4 million to upgrade the lighting system. The conventional zeon lights will be converted to LED lights. The new lighting system will have more than 1,800 color combinations and expected to save 82% of power energy. Moreover, LED lights have a longer life and are easy to maintain. Due to long life, replacement costs are close to neglible.

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A mix of public sector and private undertakings will provide funding for the upgrade. A few prominent names are Falls Management Co., Hornblower Niagara Cruises and the Niagara Parks Commission etc. 2016 spring season has been selected as the appropriate time for switching to LED lighting system and is expected to be complete by fall. Tourists are excited to see the new avatar in the annual Niagara Falls (Ontario) Winter Festival of Lights.

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