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Noribachi launches color-changing high-powered LED floodlights

Noribachi launches color-changing high-powered LED floodlights

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 3, 2016: A new color-changing LED floodlight has been launched by the leading US-based custom LED manufacturer, Noribachi. The company is known for producing high output commercial and industrial lighting solutions. The product, Floodlight.L RGBW, is capable of creating more than four billion different colors including different shades of white. Some 4 billion different color combinations are delivered by this new LED floodlight, with a single high-powered LED fixture.

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The red, green, blue and white (RGBW) LED array interacts at the interface of DMX512 or DMX256 controllers to give vibrant color-changing effects. The LED floodlight allows consumers to control red, green, blue and white separately. It can also help to create a color blend to match exact color specifications. The newly launched floodlight L RGBW is capable of providing vibrant color changing abilities in a rugged, durable aluminum die-cast housing method.

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The Director of Engineering at Noribachi mentioned that the team is excited to productize the RGBW capabilities installing it in the popular LED fixture. The team was working diligently to engineer RGBW ultra-custom fixtures and with the upgrade, we have represented our LED manufacturing abilities at best. The unit has been engineering RGBW ultra-custom fixtures for sometimes and along with upgrades, our unit has represented the Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) manufacturing abilities at its best.

The newly launched LED floodlight joins the long list of Noribachi optional upgrades, which includes the new Pulse wireless controller. The product can be available within standard six-week delivery schedule by Noribachi.

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