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Now, Daintree’s technology will integrate into GE Current’s LED lighting

Now, Daintree's technology will integrate into GE Current's LED lighting

By BizLED Bureau

Apr 25, 2016: Following the acquisition of Daintree Networks by Current, powered by GE, Daintree’s technology will integrate into GE Current’s LED lighting. Daintree Networks which is a recognized player in the networked LED lighting space has now shifted focus to automation applications.

Current has been advertising the Predix analytics proposal which allows GE customers to optimize operational costs and examine energy consumption. At the present moment, Daintree’s ControlScope will serve as a frontend for consumers entering into lighting and building automation that can connect to the Predix platform, an initiative that will permit Current to bring in small to mid consumers in large quantities/

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Now, Daintree’s technology will integrate into GE Current’s LED lighting

Current came into existence as the new abode of GE Lighting in October 2015 along with other divisions. In the mean time, GE lighting had offered some lighting control technology since a long period of time. However, the corporation did not consist of a sophisticated frontend management console that would match Daintree’s ControlScope.

Daintree has shifted concentration on building automation even though the primary focus was networked LED lighting. In following its vision of connected solid-state lighting (SSL), Daintree has come up with ZigBee-based sensors and interface modules. Such modules can be used with LED-based luminaires from several producers to serve premature adopters in industrial building networks.

Shifted focus to ControlScope management platform

However, Daintree’s trade model eventually planned to depart from network hardware to others, presuming lighting manufacturers would incorporate the network support, and in its place concentrated on the ControlScope management platform capable of gathering data and controlling building systems.

Now Daintree’s technology is all set to integrate into Current’s networked LED lighting. The joint potencies will aid consumers to get experience increased energy savings while getting a reduced carbon footprint. Also, this paves way for a solution for development of ecosystem partners.

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The acquirement of Daintree should offer Current an instant boost with regards to networked LED lighting since Daintree has its platform installed at chief consumers.

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