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Now LED streetlights in Delhi

Now LED streetlights in Delhi

September 25, 2014: After several big and small cities across India going ahead with LED streetlights, Delhi has also decided to go green. LED lights can really prove to be an effective energy saving option for Delhi, which reels under long hours of power outages.

While the previous government had taken the decision to use LED lights as streetlights, with the change in government, the implementation of the plan got delayed.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) did a survey in the entire country where they have found that 80% of the streetlights in the country are installed haphazardly. They do not follow the rules and norms of installing, like keeping proper distance and height. Hence the lights don?t give proper output.

Meanwhile, Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers? Association of India (ELCOMA) is undertaking campaigns to make people aware of the benefits of LED lights.

The Union Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, has asked all state governments to replace conventional streetlights with LED lights. The entire country has 27.5 million streetlights, and shifting to LED light will save more than 5,000 MW of electricity consumption over a period of three years.

This mandate from the ministry came after Bureau of Energy efficiency (BEE) released a survey on the street lights of India. According to the report, more than 80% of streetlights in India have been installed in a wrong way without considering the pole distance, type and height of the light, among other things. The report said that not only the lighting needs to be changed but every aspect of the streetlights need to be overhauled.

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