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Now, you can print light on any surface

Now, you can print light on any surface

May 2, 2015: US company Rohinni is developing a ?Lightpaper? product to print lighting and apply it on any surface and in any shape. If this happens successfully, then engineers will be able to print light emitting surfaces on any product.

The Lightpaper is being made by mixing tiny LEDs and ink. The size of the LEDs are as tiny as red blood cells. This mixture is then printed on a conductive layer, and this printed LED-ink layer is then sandwiched between two other layers and then sealed. A current is then run through the LEDs which will help to light them up.

Rohinni says that the printable light is like 3D printing. The design process of the product can be drastically cut down with market-ready designs that are emerging today.

Rohinni is now making efforts to find on a method to ensure that the LEDs are distributed evenly on the surface when it will be printed; otherwise, the uneven distribution of the LEDs on the surface can have a shimmering effect. The company is facing the challenge to produce even light by controlling the placements of the diodes.

OLED can be a competitor to this Lightpaper, but Lightpaper has a thinner form factor than OLED, which is its advantage.


Rohinni believes that this technology can be used for applications to provide automotive headlights or lighting parts of consumer products. Rohinni wants the technology to be used where it can make a big difference, for example lighting a logo on a cellphone. A number of companies have already working on the implementation of this technology.

Mid-2015 launch

Rohinni says that Lightpaper technology will be available in the market mid-2015. The company is first focusing on the commercial and industrial domains before it moves on to the hobbyist domain.

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