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OLED & laser emerging as potential automotive lighting technologies

OLED & laser emerging as potential automotive lighting technologies

By BizLED Bureau

 June 21, 2017: In the midst of selecting the right car loaded with features, majority of the drivers fail to pay attention to the headlights. Most of them think that car lighting technology is only about illuminating the roads at night. However, there are other challenging issues that drivers face such as visibility on roads during harsh weather conditions. In such a scenario, inadequate illumination might just result in a mishap.

At present, LED has emerged as one of the widely adopted technologies in the automotive industry. LED autmotive lighting facilitates safety of drivers during the night. On the other hand, LED automotive lighting allows automakers to include exciting and original features in their cars, and at the sametime, saves tremendous amount of valuable energy.Way ahead of the curve, Audi had added Matrix LED lighting technology in 2013 in its Audi A8.

However, there some more technologies that go beyond LED technology and are very beneficial as automotive lighting. These technologies like OLED and laser are emerging and will soon revolotionize the automotive industry.

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OLEDs have immense potential

OLED technology has become an instant hit and a number of TV and smartphone manufacturers are using it for their products. However, adopting OLED in the automotive lighting technology will be a ground-breaking development. OLED technology can prove to be the next big thing for automotives as it has a number of benefits. OLED is 100 times thinner than a strand of hair, consumes less energy, and has long lifespan. All such factors contribute in making OLED extremely versatile and fit to be incorporated in modern cars

OLED offers homogenous illumination at an extremely wide angle without casting shadows. This facilitates clear visibility and recognisability, which can vastly enlarge road safety for drivers. Flexible OLED provides precise lighting for cars without the shadows that won’t drain the batteries and need to be replaced for a long period of time.

Matrix laser technology

Laser is another technology that has immense potential as automotive lighting.Again Audi was the first to use Matrix laser headlights in Audi R8. Matrix laser headlights consist of a digital micromirror device (DMD), which uses a high-powered laser to illuminate a matrix of nearly half a million micromirrors. Each micromirror can be tilted at a speed of up to 5,000 times per second. Hence, the light from such headlights can selectively mask specific areas of the road, creating the perfect light conditions for any given driving condition.

OLED & laser emerging as potential automotive lighting technologies

In addition, matrix laser headlights prevent the occurrence of headlight glare for other road users by dimming the particular area around oncoming vehicles as the driver passes while still illuminating the rest of the road ahead of him.

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At the end, it can be rightly said that modern lighting technologies such as flexible OLED and matrix laser headlights will definitely go a long way and mark their presence in the automotive lighting industry. Such technologies offer an added layer of safety to the driver and pedestrians alike.

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