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OLED players trying to bring OLED lighting into the mainstream

OLED players trying to bring OLED lighting into the mainstream

By BizLED Bureau

September 25, 2015: Advocates of organic LED (OLED) point out that despite huge strides have been made to improve LED technology in terms of efficiency, longevity and light output, LED lighting still lacks in certain areas. For example, LED bulbs still emit directional light.

OLED advocates, therefore, compare LED lighting with OLED lighting, and point out that in the coming years, OLED lighting will revolutionize the lighting industry, as OLED light panels can be made flat, flexible, and even semi-transparent. Besides, they can be made color-tunable, and emits a soothing light.

However, OLED lighting technology now needs to be commercialized. But with the agreement between Corning Incorporated, a glass specialist, and OLEDWorks, an OLED lighting company, is a good indication that the industry, too, feels the need to commercialize OLED lighting technology.

Corning entered into an agreement with OLEDWorks to “develop unique, flexible, and conformable OLED lighting solutions using Corning Willow Glass”. OLED is very sensitive to dust and oxygen, as a result, it needs a barrier, and this barrier will be provided by Corning’s Willow Glass, which is ultra-thin and ultra-flexible.

Corning claims that these new panels can provide two times more the light output than traditional OLED lighting panels, leading to increased efficiency and less power consumption. This is possible with Willow Glass? ultra-clear properties, claims Corning.

If Willow Glass can resolve this limitation of OLED lighting by boosting light output and efficiency, then it will be a huge achievement for the industry.

Another company that is playing a part in commercializing OLED lighting technology is Universal Display. It licenses its OLED-centric patent portfolio, and sells phosphorescent OLED materials to big companies like Samsung and LG Display. Universal Display also entered into a pact with OLEDWorks for lighting applications. Under the agreement OLEDWorks will pay Universal Display an upfront license fee and royalties on sales of its licensed OLED lighting products. Universal Display also signed agreements with Phillips and Japanese chemical company Kaneka.

Since December 2014, Home Depot has also started selling OLED light fixtures by Acuity Brands.

All these recent developments indicate that the OLED lighting players are now serious to take their products to the consumers, while trying to improve the technology and make it more affordable and adoptable.

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  1. I have a patent pending for the enhancement of of light emitting diodes by 100%.

    I need a a 3D programmer with access to robotic arms to repeat the coating process for light enhancement.

    Mel Feinstein

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