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OLED TV will dominate next-generation TV market

OLED TV will dominate next-generation TV market

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 16, 2016: There is an increasing interest in OLED TV, and it is likely to dominate the next-generation TV market, according to industry experts. Further, the experts said that OLED will soon emerge the innovative growth engine in TV technology.

OLED benefits

One of the main highlights of OLED TV as compared to other TV technologies is that it has the capability to turn all pixels on or off, which makes backlighting unnecessary.  This allows the TV to exhibit perfect black and an endless contrast.

OLED TV will dominate next-generation TV market

Hence, OLED TVs symbolize crisp, toned images even when small objects are placed in a dark spot. Further, OLEDs can serve as the ideal medium for colours to be rendered precisely with more vitality.

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OLED technology has a number of benefits. Besides being lighter and thinner, OLED TV’s provides brilliant picture quality. Since OLED pixels release light directly, viewing angles are much wider, and contrast and color stay the same despite viewing angle.

In addition, since each pixel can be turned off, OLED TV can do its best to deliver a complete black and an infinite contrast ratio. The immense technological advancements in OLED and its varied advantages over the traditional TV technologies, is creating a perfect platform for an improved potential in OLED TV technology while developing the premium TV market.

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