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OLEDWorks launches Brite Amber OLED panel

OLEDWorks launches Brite Amber OLED panel

May 10, 2017: OLEDWorks, a US OLED light engine and panel manufacturing company, has introduced the Brite Amber panel to its suite of OLED lighting products.

OLEDs can be tuned to emit specific wavelengths for a variety of colors as well as both warm and cool white lights. There is no blue wavelength in the Brite Amber OLED panel, which is compatible with circadian rhythms for sleeping. OLEDWorks’ high brightness amber OLED product, with application in the healthcare, senior living and residential markets, provides functional light for reading and working while not disrupting those sleeping.

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“The Brite Amber OLED panel provides an integrated design solution ideal for applications in critical areas,” said David Lee, Director of Quality and Reliability for OLEDWorks, LLC. “OLEDWorks continues to expand our portfolio of product solutions with the increase in market demand for OLED lighting. The addition of the Brite Amber OLED panel emphasizes the value and impact in which OLED is making on varying markets within the lighting industry.”

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The OLEDWorks amber product, at >50 lumens/watt, is an efficient solution that provides a beautiful light quality with an impressive brightness range from marker light applications to task light functions. OLEDWorks will be offering a Brite Amber promotion kit, including driver solution, available May 2017.

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