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ON Semiconductor offers new LED drivers for automobile lighting applications

ON Semiconductor offers new LED drivers for automobile lighting applications

August 5, 2015: ON Semiconductor offers new LED drivers for automobile lighting applications. ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficiency innovations, has introduced an array of new AEC-Q100-compliantintegrated circuits (ICs) optimized for implementation into next generation automobile designs.

The NBA3N200/1/6S multi-point low voltage differential signaling (M?LVDS) line driver/receiver family of devices operates off a 3.3 volt (V) power supply. The NBA3N200S and NBA3N201S both support signaling rates of up to 200 megabits per second (Mbps) and have a common-mode voltage range -1 V to 3.4 V. These devices have Type-1 receivers that detect the bus state with as little as 50 millivolt (mV) of differential input voltage over the common-mode voltage range. A differential input voltage hysteresis of 25mV on the receiver prevents oscillations at the output due to slow changing input signals or loss of input. The NBA3N206S also supports 200 Mbps signaling rates with a Type-2 receiver that has a 0.1 V threshold. The offset voltage threshold function of the Type-2 receiver can detect open-circuit, idle bus and various other fault conditions that could harm the system. These devices are targeted for use in automotive applications such as headlamp pixel lighting, specifically for data transmission between the LED front light control unit and the headlight.

The NCV8154 140 mV rated dual output linear voltage regulator has an input voltage range covering 1.9 V to 5.25 V and two independent input voltage pins. Highly optimized for powering the RF blocks within automotive infotainment systems, this device is capable of providing a very stable and highly accurate voltage, with ultra-low noise plus elevated power supply rejection ratio (PSRR). The NCV8170 low drop-out (LDO) regulator is designed specifically for portable battery-powered applications, such as vehicle keyless entry systems, with a typical current consumption of just 500 nanoamperes (nA). Furthermore, a dynamic transient boost feature augments this device?s transient response characteristics. The NCV8715 is a high stability 50 milliamp (mA) LDO with an input voltage range that reaches up to 24 V and a ground current consumption of 4.7 microamperes (µA) over the full output load range. This device is very well suited to use with automotive grade microcontroller units. The NCV8154 / NCV8715 / NCV8170 devices each feature thermal shutdown and current limit protection mechanisms that ensure reliable operation.

Also introduced are single N-channel MOSFET devices capable of delivering incredibly low on-state resistance RDS(on) figures, thereby minimizing conduction losses and improving overall operational efficiency levels. The NVMFS5C404NL, NVMFS5C410NL, NVMFS5C423NL and NVMFS5C442NL 40 V rated MOSFETs have typical RDS(on) values at 10 V of 0.56 m?, 0.71 m?, 1.6 m? and 2.2 m? respectively. These are supplemented by the 60 V NVMFS5C604NL, NVMFS5C612NL, NVMFS5C646NL andNVMFS5C670NL devices, which have typical RDS(on) values at 10 V of 0.93 m?, 1.2 m?, 3.8m? and 5.1 m? respectively. These devices expand the extensive ON Semiconductor portfolio of MOSFETs for use in power switching, load switching, motor control, and other automotive applications.

Packaging and pricing

The NBA3N200S, NBA3N201S and NBA3N206S are supplied in SOIC-8 packages with unit pricing of $0.73 each in 10,000 unit quantities. The NCV8154 is supplied in a DFN-10 package with unit pricing of $0.14 for 10,000 unit quantities. The NCV8715 is supplied in a xDFN-6 package with the unit pricing of $0.12 for 10,000 unit quantities. The NCV8170 is supplied in xDFN-4 and SOT-563 packages with unit pricing of $0.125 and $.013 for 10,000 unit quantities respectively. The NVMFS5C404NL, NVMFS5C410NL, NVMFS5C423NL, NVMFS5C442NL, NVMFS5C604NL, NVMFS5C612NL, NVMFS5C646NL and NVMFS5C670NL are all offered in SO-8FL packages with pricing of between $0.35 and $1.78 per unit in 5,000 unit quantities.



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