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Only 5,000 LED bulbs distributed in Gujarat under UJALA scheme

Only 5,000 LED bulbs distributed in Gujarat under UJALA scheme

By BizLED Bureau

May 2, 2016: With Gujarat having distributed only 5,000 LED bulbs as against  84 lakh LED bulbs given out by the Kerela government, this Indian state has been ranked as the second last of them of all to implement Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UJALA scheme. Under this scheme, the Central government has encouraged the state governments to use LED lights instead of conventional lights in a bid to conserve energy and reduce overall electricity cost.

Anandiben Patel, the chief minister of Gujarat evaluated the implementation of the UJALA project. After the assessment, she held Saurabh Patel, the energy and petrochemicals minister along with L Chuaungo, the department’s principal secretary, responsible for the poor implementation of the UJALA scheme in Gujarat.

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Only 5,000 LED bulbs distributed in Gujarat under UJALA scheme

The Central had launched a project to distribute LED bulbs under the `efficient lighting programme’ in the capital of the nation, Delhi in January 2015. Also, it had launched a nationwide sceheme for LED-based home and street lighting.

At that time, Modi had referred to LEDs as Prakash Path which means way to light. Following such launches, majority of the states across the nation have implemented the scheme actively and efficiently, however Gujarat is really lagging behind, an expert reflected.

The Gujarat government has given out only 5,000 LED bulbs between January 2015 and April 2016 which clearly reflects poor performance. However, the performance is worse in Punjab where only 2,544 LED bulbs have been distributed as of yet.

The best performers of the UJALA scheme include Andhra Pradesh with 1.89 crore bulbs, Maharashtra with 1.62 crore, Kerela with 84 lakhs and surprisingly, Assam which is a very small state as compared to Gujarat has done extremely well with 4.39 lakh bulbs.

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While introducing the UJALA scheme, the Central government had focused on saving electricity by using more and more LEDs and had urged the state governments to prioritize this scheme and encourage usage of LED bulbs to save electricity and power.

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