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Osram launches car park luminaire for greater energy efficiency

Osram launches car park luminaire

Feb 15, 2017: Maximum safety for people and vehicles in publicly-used car parks is optimally achieved with the new Siteco luminaire Compact Monsun LED Parking. State-of-the-art LED technology with 4,500 lm rated luminous flux and improved vertical illumination now provide optimum lighting and greater safety in multi-storey car parks. The luminaire is also equipped with a high frequency sensor that controls light according to movement in the car park.

The high electricity requirements of traditional lighting are a significant operating cost factor for both private and municipal car park operators, and are also negative with regard to the energy balance. Reducing energy consumption with the Compact Monsun LED Parking as part of a refurbishment project can save up to 60 percent compared to standard lighting solutions and even up to 80 percent in conjunction with intelligent light control.

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The new Compact Monsun LED Parking with its special lumen package (4,500 lm rated luminous flux) and optimum vertical illumination fulfils both current and future-orientated demands for significantly more safety. By supplementing the previous horizontal illumination, the car park luminaire’s vertical illumination brings distinctly more light into the parking lots and driving corridors. Persons walking in the car park can be more easily identified, also thanks to improved facial illumination and less shadowing.

“People today have an increased and individual need for safety. With the Compact Monsun LED Parking we make sure of providing pleasant light that’s also optimal with regard to safety aspects especially with traffic routes in car parks, and that also complies with all preconditions for good orientation and rapid response times” explained Rainer Wrenger, application expert at Osram Lighting Solutions.

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Motion-dependent lighting control also significantly increases levels of energy efficiency in car parks, and for this reason the Compact Monsun LED Parking is equipped with an innovative high frequency sensor (HC1). The integrated sensor features a wide detection range and high quality of detection for both people and vehicles. Application-specific modification of the area detected by the sensor also guarantees flexibility according to needs. The sensor registers movements in its surroundings to adapt illuminance accordingly as soon as people or vehicles are no longer underway in the car park, the light being either dimmed or switched off. Equipping with sensor technology can also be implemented in a second stage – a sensor kit is available for retrofitting at any time.

A specific version of the Compact Monsun LED Parking is equipped with Lightify Pro radio connection. This enables wireless light control whereby luminaires communicate with each other and are controlled via radio. Installing specific wiring is no longer required.

Municipal facilities and businesses in Germany also currently benefit in their refurbishment projects thanks to a subsidy program from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Subsidy applications are made according to achieved CO2 savings among other factors. Current time periods for registering with the program are 01.01.2017 to 31.03.2017 and 01.07.2017 to 30.09.2017.


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