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Osram Opto to use Aixtron AIX G5 C MOCVD for GaN LED production

Osram Opto to use Aixtron AIX G5 C MOCVD for GaN LED production

By BizLED Bureau

May 10, 2017: Osram Opto Semiconductors has chosen equipment maker Aixtron’s AIX G5 C planetary systems for manufacturing gallium nitride (GaN) LEDs at its facility.

Osram Opto has decided to expand production capacities at its Regensburg, Germany, facility, as market demand for high-quality optoelectronics is increasing. This growth has taken place as applications for high quality optoelectronics in illumination, visualization and sensing sectors like automotive, communication, display, health and food, are rising significantly.

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“We have chosen AIX G5 C for our facility as it is one of the best for high performance applications. The system has the lowest defect and particle level as it has effective in-situ cleaning system and cassette-to-cassette handler, which is essential for high yields,” says Berthold Hahn, senior director LED Chip at Osram Opto.

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Aixtron offers advanced production tools that allow best wavelength uniformity for less binning effort, which enables future technologies with uniformity requirements.

AIX G5 C provides leading edge blue and green LED processes, which are needed to meet high quality standards in volume production for various lighting applications.

“AIX G5 C perfectly backs Osram’s product strategy as it helps manufacturing of devices that support future-oriented technology trends in domains like communication, mobility and energy efficiency,” says Dr Frank Schulte, vice president of Aixtron Europe.

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