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Osram Sylvania and Daintree Networks team up for open standard wireless lighting control

Osram Sylvania and Daintree Networks team up for open standard wireless lighting control

Apr 20, 2016: North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA announced the OSRAM Connected Lighting Module (CLM), one of the first LED fixture dedicated device to enable “out-of-the-box” wireless lighting controllable fixtures.  The module can be inserted into any fixture with a driver capable of providing 12V auxiliary output to instantly make them smart and able to be controlled wirelessly.

It also allows fixtures to connect to multiple wireless systems and building control systems certified to the ZigBee Home Automation standard, without the need to worry about compatibility and procurement with wireless light management systems.

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The OSRAM CLM is Daintree Networks ControlScope certified, will operate on ZigBee Home Automation networks, and integrates with the ENCELIUM Energy Management System.

“The versatility of this exciting OSRAM device solves most of the logistical issues for wireless integration and creates standardization in a market that is very fragmented,” said Tom Shottes, head of Digital Systems, Americas, OSRAM SYLVANIA.  “Before, OEMs had to buy and figure out how to install the wireless enabling components for the manufacturer of the wireless system specified.  Now, they can use one device that works with a variety of leading wireless controls systems and offer a standard wireless controllable fixture.”

Simple in design, powerful in compatibility and functionality

The OSRAM Connected Lighting Module’s unique form factor is intended for installation into a standard ½” knockout present on virtually every LED fixture.  There are no specific requirements for it to be installed on the visual side of the fixture, eliminating the potential impact to the aesthetics of the fixture.  The OSRAM CLM is a low voltage, plenum rated, UL-listed device which requires 12V DC power to operate and controls LED fixtures light levels via standard 0-10V control based on commands received through the wireless network.  It pairs optimally with OSRAM’s award-winning OPTOTRONIC® Linear Programmable LED Drivers, which provide the necessary power and eliminate the need for additional power packs.

“The ZigBee Alliance produces open, global wireless standards that provide the foundation for the Internet of Things by enabling simple and smart objects to work together, improving comfort and efficiency in everyday life.  OSRAM has been a great partner of the ZigBee Alliance and of open standards based wireless communication.  This is a huge step forward in the right direction for wireless interoperability in commercial applications,” said Mark Walters, vice president of strategic development, ZigBee Alliance.

“Daintree has been a long term advocate of open protocols and ZigBee Home Automation as a standard for wireless control of commercial buildings.  Wireless controls are enabling the roadmap for smart buildings, and we are delighted to see OSRAM deliver a product that simplifies wireless fixture integration,” said Danny Yu, president, Daintree Networks.
“For over 15 years, specifiers and architects have been turning to ENCELIUM for its flexibility to connect a range of technologies to a single platform at any point of time in a building’s life.  This new component enables more fixtures to ship to a project site ready to be connected to our platform at any time,” said Chuck Piccirillo, ENCELIUM director of marketing, OSRAM SYLVANIA.

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“This is a game-changer in that our platform can now be deployed well after fixtures are installed into a space without added hardware to the fixture, giving owners the option to decide on using our platform at any point of time with minimal upfront investment to enhance their ability to analyze and update space requirements down to the individual fixture.”

Source: Osram Sylvania

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