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Osram’s future-proof road lighting

Osram's future-proof road lighting

Nov 30, 2017: Today’s towns and cities have a particular responsibility, and search for solutions for reducing their ecological footprint and organising their public spaces in safer and more intelligent ways. Specifically, this concerns intelligent traffic guidance, parking space management, safety monitoring and new supply models for electrical mobility. Networked lighting infrastructures are found in the centre of such processes. With its Streetlight 11 range of road luminaires, Osram Lighting Solutions offers a future-proof, technological platform for the diverse elements of a smart city.

The new, efficient Streetlight 11 is an open and upgradable system that expands with its tasks – just as cities of the future will do. Customers can decide to either already select an individual smart city solution or else select luminaires that can be upgraded at any time. Once a network is established with the new road luminaires, customer-specific requirements that then change can be implemented.

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The modular luminaire concept of Streetlight 11 enables control and monitoring systems to be integrated based on powerline technology or via radio frequency (RF). The luminaires are available as standard as Smart City luminaires (with Powerline or RF) or as Smart City ready versions. Thanks to the integrated mechanical interface, simple retrofitting of sensors and data- or camera systems is also possible on-site, enabling e.g. parking space management, safety monitoring and traffic control. The components are supplied with power directly from the luminaire. Customers benefit from a reliable system solution, i.e. Osram offers luminaires, controllers, sensors, software and accessories from a single source.

Streetlight 11 scores with outstanding, homogenous lighting to increase levels of safety in the public space. It simultaneously contributes actively to protecting nature and the environment – energy consumption can be cut by up to 80% and light pollution is avoided due to precise light alignment, whilst brightening of the night sky and the attraction of nocturnally active insects is reduced to a minimum. The range of luminaires offers a diversity of options for selection and combination for illuminating roads, paths and squares: three construction sizes for mounting heights of 3 to 12 metres, two colour temperatures, individually settable luminous flux levels and diverse control possibilities.

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