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Over 51.5 million Indian households have LED bulbs

Over 51.5 million Indian households have LED bulbs

By BizLED Bureau

 Sep 12, 2016:  The Indian government’s LED initiative, known as Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs (UJALA), has successfully distributed more than 154.5 million LED bulbs across rural and urban regions of the nation. Following the distribution, more than 51.5 million households in India have LED bulbs, thus paving the way for energy efficiency and cost efficiency.

What is UJALA?

UJALA is an important project of the Indian government where it wants every home in the nation to use LED bulbs so that the net power or energy consumption rate comes down and the carbon emission rate can also be checked.The UJALA scheme operates in18 states and 4fourunion territories across India. In addition, it is the world’s largest LED scheme for the residential sector.

The scheme is being implemented by Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Union Ministry of power. EESL will roll out the LED initiative in West Bengal and North Eastern states in the near future.

Ministry of Power, through (EESL), has made certain that the each and every citizen in India is made aware of the scheme through a variety of platforms. In every state, where the scheme is functional, conventional media like TV, radio and newspapers; Out of Home media like hoardings, communication vans, Posters, etc.; and digital platforms like website, social media, mobile app, etc are used to spread awareness about distribution of such energy-efficient LED bulbs.

An ordinary bulb is an extremely energy inefficient form of lighting with just 5% of the electricity input converted to light. The efficient bulbs like LED utilizes only one-tenth of the energy consumed by the ordinary bulb and provides the same or mor++e light. However, high costs of LED has been a barrier in adoption of such efficient lighting systems. To overcome these problems government launched UJALA scheme. The consumers can collect the LED bulbs from designated distribution kiosks across the nation. For detailed information, one can log on to on www.ujala.gov.in.

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Under the UJALA scheme, the Indian government seeks to achieve its goal of replacing 770million traditional bulbs with LEDs across the nation. Such replacement will reduce 20,000 MW load, million tonnes of Green House Gas (GHG), and bring about energy savings of 100 billion kWh per year.

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