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Over exposure to blue LED light can damage eyes

Over exposure to blue LED light can damage eyes

By BizLED Bureau

May 13, 2015: Once again the issue of blue LED light has come up. Blue light is good for our health as it regulates the circadian rhythm, but over exposure to it can cause permanent damage to our eyes, states a report.

The report showed concern at the growing number of devices we use daily that are backlit by LEDs, and which emit blue light. These devices are smartphone, computers, tablets, etc, which have the displays and screens lit by blue LEDs. Over use of these devices is posing higher risks of experiencing retina and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

When eyes are exposed to strong blue light from LEDs, it can cause damage to the retina or macula,” said Dr John J. Glasner, co-owner of Eye Associates of Monroe County, Stroudsburg.

Users? exposure to blue LED light will soon rise significantly, as about 90% of light sources will be replaced with LEDs soon, wrote Ronald Melton, adjunct faculty member at Indiana University School of Optometry and Salus University College of Optometry, in a Review of Optometry article.

LEDs and CFLs both emit blue light. LEDs have a higher level of harmful blue light about 35% compared to CFLs 25%. The cooler the white LED the higher the blue light it emits.

According to studies, blue light in 415 nm to 455 nm are harmful to the retina, while 40 nm band of visible light can cause permanently damage the retinal cell. However, not all blue light is harmful. Blue-turquoise light range of 465 nm to 495 nm is good for vision, and regulates our circadian biological clock and sleep/wake cycle.

For more info: http://www.reviewofoptometry.com/continuing_education/tabviewtest/lessonid/109744/

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