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Panasonic declines OLED, goes for IPS panel technology


By BizLED Bureau

Dec 5, 2016: While key companies are focussing on panel technologies like OLED and quantum dot, Panasonic aims to knock down these evolving technologies, and decides to take a different direction. It is focusing on the IPS panel technology.

Benefits of IPS panel technology

IPS panel is Panasonic unveiled its new IPS design, where it has used screen technology that delivers contrast levels much above what is available in the market. It also has an increased colour spectrum due to high dynamic range (HDR).

Panasonic improved the design pf its IPS panel by modifying the conventional LCD design, and by adding a layer of light modulating cells between the backlight and the display. This allows more control over backlighting, as a result, each pixel can be shut off something like OLED.

Contrast levels can also be increased significantly due to the increased level of control over backlighting. Now its ratio will be an industry-high of 1,000,000:1.

This panel also allows higher-brightness backlight in the panel, which means that the luminance levels can be scaled up higher, with a maximum brightness of 1000cd/m2 and a minimum of 0.001cd/m2.

Panasonic will unveil this new IPS technology in January 2017 at CES. There will be monitors that will feature this technology. Panasonic will manufacture these without making any changes to its exsiting manufacturing.

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