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Pay attention to flicker when buying LEDs

Pay attention to flicker when buying LEDs

By BizLED Bureau

Nov 13, 2017: According to a report released by the Society of Light and Lighting, 50% of the office and residential LEDs have higher flicker rates as compared to others light sources Also, the SLL report says designers need to choose LEDs with lower flicker rates, or keep away from using them in public places where they may add to undesirable health symptoms in an extremely small number of those frequently exposed. But, purchasing expensive LEDs may not provide the solution as the researchers revealed that high LED brands had no important impact on flicker.

Hence, when buying LEDs it is important that you pay attention to low flicker needs and also each and every specifier needs to be aware that if LEDs are replaced by suppliers then flicker needs to be taken into consideration.

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Furthermore, the SLL report said that specifiers of LEDs need to be cautious of cool color temperatures. Previous studies have revealed that blue light can imitate daylight and perplex the brain into delaying melatonin production, consequently disturbing the sleep cycle. The report also says that designers should avoid LEDs with a high Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT).

Pay attention to flicker when buying LEDs

The report also said that human reaction to light sources need to be a principal factor in settling on to organize them, not just competence or price. The report aimed at providing data on the positive and negative effects of exposure to light from LEDs.

The researchers discovered that LED solutions are suitable energy efficient alternatives when compared to other light sources, with fixed performance that is usually precise in comparison, and that none of the LED products that were tested proved to be increase retinal damage risk. It also said that designers need to take into account the LED as part of the entire light fixture and the surrounding in which it is used to decide if it is appropriate – a feature that is as significant as the cost or efficiency of the LED products.

Cost was revealed to have no important impact on the flicker or colour rendering of the lamp, however there are possible issues that surround LED lights that need to be factored in when making a decision as to where they must be used, and what type of fixture is most suitable for them.

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Jeff Shaw, president-elect of the Society of Light and Lighting said that the report is a precious collection of data that is very helpful in facilitating both private and public sector to make knowledgeable choices when procuring LED lighting solutions and promoting energy efficiency.

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