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Peregrine launches new product family of LED driver ICs

Peregrine launches new product family of LED driver ICs

Mar 29, 2017: Peregrine Semiconductor Corp., a Murata company, announces Arctic Sand’s new product family—the ARC3C family of LED driver ICs. The ARC3C product line targets the fast growing, ultra-high-definition (UHD) LCD displays market for notebook computers, Ultrabooks and 2-in-1 convertibles.

The products deliver dramatic improvements in power conversion efficiency, while achieving the lowest “z” height profile and smallest footprint in the industry. Rated at up to 10W output power, the ARC3C products can save up to 1W of power in the LED boost circuit, improving battery runtime for a notebook computer by typically one hour.

The ARC3C family of LED drivers has up to eight integrated programmable current sinks, integrates all MOSFETs, control and driver circuitry, and features state-of-the-art dimming options within a tiny 4×4 mm QFN package.

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The product family is designed specifically for 2-cell or 3-cell input voltages, with product variants suited up to 8-string LED arrays sinking current up to more than 40 mA per string. The ICs feature extensive fault protection including over-current, output over-voltage and under-voltage protection, LED open and uniquely short circuit protection.

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An I²C 6.0-compatible serial interface operating at up to 1 MHz is included, allowing extensive used programming, with settings stored in on-board non-volatile memory. The product family features best-in-class dimming capability including linear, logarithmic, analog, PWM, mixed-mode dimming or direct PWM dimming with up to 15-bit dimming resolution.

Arctic Sand ICs feature a patented “staged-pipeline” architecture that effectively reduces dependence on inductance, inherently lowers EMI and ripple and uniquely enables ultra-low profile solutions with industry-leading power conversion efficiency – addressing key pain points for mobile computing.

Arctic Sand’s boost architecture delivers LED efficiency levels of greater than 94 percent peak at up to 45V output and with an input voltage range up to 15V.

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