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Philips adds Gooee, Silvair as smart LED lighting partners

Philips adds Gooee, Silvair as smart LED lighting partners

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 27, 2017: With the aim to associate with campanies who can provide wireless smart lighting components, Philips Lighting has partnered with Gooee, Silvair, and two other vendors for its OEM program.

Philips Lighting has also signed a partnership with Steinel and Lucy Zodion. The four companies now join 14 others as part of a certification program that Philips had launched in 2016, to give more options to manufacturers who produce intelligent LED luminaires with Philips’s smart lighting driver—Xitanium SR. Xitanium SR was launched in 2014 for indoor applications, and later in 2016, it was adapted for outdoor applications.

This Philips driver can work with sensors and other circuits that allow luminaires to detect and collect data on occupancy, motion, climate, noise, air quality, etc. The sensors can also tell when to turn lights on or off and turm to brightness or color temperature.

With these new partnerships, Philips hopes to boost the chance that lighting manufacturers will build smart luminaires that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). Philips is making all efforts to stimulate the IoT scene.

Philips Lighting’s SR certified program lists all companies, components, sensors and control systems that work with Philips Xitanium SR drivers. These innovative LED drivers for connected lighting applications have additional integrated functions that eliminate the need for auxiliary components. This makes designing and installing wireless-controlled light fixtures less complex and therefore more cost-efficient.

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