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Philips introduces flattened downlights

Philips  flat downlight

September 30, 2014: Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, announced that after flattening the light bulb with Philips SlimStyle, the company has flattened the downlight with the introduction of the Philips SlimSurface LED family of downlights. Providing the illusion of recessed downlighting, but with just a 5/8 inch surface mount design that is nearly flush with the ceiling, SlimSurface allows lighting to be installed in locations where wall and ceiling clearance can be an issue, such as basements.

?It is aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy, hassle-free installation, providing the best of both worlds for specifiers and contractors. Not only does it rival downlights, this luminaire range offers savings on all levels, including lower energy usage, reduced installation costs and the benefits of Energy Star certification.?

Designed for quick and easy installation to most standard junction boxes, SlimSurface provides a long-lasting, affordable alternative to traditional downlights. Moreover, SlimSurface downlights are Energy Star certified, allowing them to qualify for utility rebate programs.

Edgelit technology

Philips SlimSurface uses Edgelit technology, which puts LEDs at the edge of the fixture and uses a specially designed lens to ensure uniform light distribution, similar to the Philips SlimStyle bulb. Taking advantage of Philips LED technology to achieve lumen levels of up to 70lm/W and the soft, diffuse light customers expect, SlimSurface LED downlights also eliminate any tell-tale signs of LED technology such as hot spots.

SlimSurface benefits from the energy-efficiency and long life of LED technology, using up to 85% less energy or as little as 10 watts of power, and lasting nearly twice as long with a 50,000 hour rated life (LM70) as compared to traditional downlights. With an integrated driver and LEDs, there are also no bulbs to replace in the luminaire over its lifetime.


Ideal for residential, high-rises, hospitality, and healthcare applications, Philips SlimSurface can be installed on the ceiling or the wall in dry or damp/wet areas. It is perfect for hallways, bathrooms, basements, entry ways, porches, stairways, work areas, utility closets, corridors, elevators and showers.


SlimSurface, which can be dimmed down to 10%, is available in a variety of flexible designs and options, including:

4 inch and 6 inch square luminaires

5 inch and 7 inch round luminaires

2 colour temperatures – 2700 K and 3000 K

2 lumen packages – 630 lm and 980 lm

2 colour rendering indexes – 80 CRI and 90 CRI

?As the thinnest surface mount luminaire available, the SlimSurface LED is the first of its kind and continues to validate the price-breaking, quality LED innovation that Philips is known for,? said Bruno Biasiotta, President and CEO of Philips Lighting Americas.
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