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Philips launches brighter OLED panels at lower cost

Philips launches brighter OLED panels at lower cost

October 17, 2014: Philips launches brighter OLED panels at lower cost. The company has launched Lumiblade OLED Panel Brite FL300 product that provides more light output, but at a lower cost than prior products.

The Brite FL300 is the first representative of a new series of functional OLEDs which Philips sells under the Brite label. The new OLED has impressive performance specifications, providing 300 lumens over a good 12 cm2 at an efficiency of over 50 lumens per watt. This makes it the brightest commercially available OLED in the world, claims the company.

The Brite FL300 has already been chosen by Italian furniture manufacturer Riva1920 for use in its first light: the K Blade. Philips is also using four of these OLEDs in its first OLED luminaire, which will be launched in spring 2015.

The new panels deliver 300 lm at a drive current of 0.4A, compared to the 200-lm output of the prior-generation GL350 panels. Efficacy is 42 lm/W at that drive current. But some developers prefer to keep light levels lower to reduce glare and create a more comforting ambient light. At the 0.4A dirve current the panels produce 8300 cd/m2. The new Philips panels can produce 3150 cd/m2 at 0.135A and efficacy of 46 lm/W.

The panels are available at 2900 CCT and with a CRI of 80. Philips will sell the panels in bare form or combined with power cables and/or drivers. The panels measure 12×12 cm and, as the nearby photo shows, are very thin at 3 mm.

OLED technology is still young to challenge LED sources for mainstream uses, but current prices make it viable when the thin form factor and inherently diffuse light are valued features in product development.
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