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Philips Lighting acquires French Li-Fi company

Philips Lighting acquires French Li-Fi company

By BizLED Bureau

Feb 13, 2017: With the aim to boost Philips’ capabilities in Li-Fi, Philips Lighting has acquired Luciom, a small French company that specializes in visible light communications (VLC).

Luciom has relocated from Colombelles in northern France to Philips Lighting headquarters in Eindhoven. Philips Lighting acquired Luciom for less than €10 million. All eight employees of Luciom now work for Philips.

Both the companies will study a number of technologies that would help the existing and new lighting technologies. Luciom is developing several technologies related to VLC, including Li-Fi. Philips is interested in Luciom’s potential to improve Li-Fi including its speed, coding/decoding, and reliability.

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Li-Fi is still in its nascent stage—it is still in its pilot implementations and demos. Philips is likely to invest in the Luciom technology and commercialize it. Wi-Fi with its radio frequencies is more limited than the considerably wider spectrum of LED lightwaves on which Li-Fi data rides.

With Philips plan to leap into the new and potentially lucrative Li-Fi market, the trend is expected to get a momentum. Once Li-Fi penetrates as a technology, it is expected that it will become another means of wireless internet transmission.

Luciom is known for a ‘tagging’ scheme, which individual LED lights use to uniquely identify themselves in one-way indoor-positioning systems.

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