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Philips is in no mood to drop ‘eco’ label from halogen lamps

Philips is in no mood to drop 'eco' label from halogen lamps

By BizLED Bureau

February 18, 2015: While Osram said that it will drop the label ‘eco’ from its halogen lamps, it seems that Philips is in no mood to drop ‘eco’ label from its halogen lamps.

Philips and other many lighting manufacturers rate halogen lamps as ‘D’ on a scale where A or A-plus is the most efficient and D, E, F, G are the least efficient. Yet the manufacturers label halogen lamps as ‘eco,’ which is not only confusing for the consumers but also misleading because ‘eco,’ means ‘energy savings’ and ?D? rating means much less efficient.

An investigation by an environmental group Coolproducts found that companies including major brands like Philips and Osram mislead consumers by labeling their light bulbs as “Eco”, which is supposed to indicate that the light bulbs are energy efficient. These companies advertised in stores across the EU that their light bulbs are energy efficient, which Coolproducts found to be wrong and misleading.

Halogens are a little more efficient than other traditional bulbs, which saves 5- 25% energy. However, they are much less efficient than LED or CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs, which save over 80% energy. However, since halogens are carbon culprits, European Commission (EC) has banned D class and C class halogen lamps by 2016, and asked consumers to use energy efficient bulbs like B-class or LED bulbs. The EC has, in fact, proposed to delay banning the less energy efficient lamps so that the industry gets some more time to time to shift to greener lights.

European Commission has defined that ?eco label? represents products that have a less or no environmental impact compared with other products in the same product category.

However, Philips believes that consumers are smart enough to make the difference and will not take ‘eco’ in the ultimate sense of the word.

Philips said that its halogen bulbs, which are still being sold in the market and are also widely used, save significant amount of energy compared to other traditional bulbs. It also said that since the packagings of Philips halogen bulbs contain all the information necessary including the energy rating, consumers can take a decision themselves while purchasing a Philips halogen bulb.

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