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Philips SlimBlend luminaires invigorate offices, shops & hotels

Philips SlimBlend luminaires invigorate offices, shops & hotels

Nov 15, 2017: Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced the availability of the new Philips SlimBlend LED luminaire, which meets the trend in offices and other commercial buildings for compact, energy-efficient lighting to suit high ceilings. CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE: CBG), the commercial real estate services and investment company, is the first to install the new connect-ready LED luminaires, with its sleek and futureproof lighting design, in its managed office in Madrid.

Vision for the working environment

Philips SlimBlend LED luminaires will be installed over 1,000 sq. m over three floors at CBRE’s managed office in the Spanish capital. The office is located in Paseo de la Castellana, commonly known as La Castellana, one of the longest and widest avenues of Madrid. The installation meets the firm’s objective to have the best working environment for its employees. Philips SlimBlend’s aesthetic design and its high-quality light output supports the company’s vision for staff wellness with the ability for light to be aligned to daylight patterns.

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Mariano García, head of Design and Build, Building Consultancy at CBRE Spain said, “The market for office space is highly-competitive. By moving to the new Philips SlimBlend LED luminaire family we are leading by example to enhance our employees’ working environment so that the offices we manage are consistently lighter, brighter and more pleasurable. In addition, LED technology presents us with up to 50% energy savings when compared to conventional lighting.”

Annual energy consumption in offices and buildings

Philips Lighting estimates that on average, lighting consumes around 25% of the annual electricity consumption of offices and buildings. Philips SlimBlend’s LED technology can reduce electricity used for lighting by up to 50% in comparison to conventional lighting.

Philips SlimBlend LED luminaires are connect-ready and can be recessed, suspended or surface-mounted and provide a typical energy saving return on investment (ROI) within three years. Featuring Philips Lighting’s Micro Optics technology, the Philips SlimBlend family of luminaires reduce light from angles between 65° and 90°. Aside from reducing glare, the luminaire family has the benefit of a large surface light area and a high-end look.

“We are able to deliver an exceptional quality of light with the new Philips SlimBlend luminaire family which uses our patented Micro Optics technology to reduce glare and increase comfort for employees. The new range is an integral part of our strategy to provide end-to-end lighting systems and services for offices, retail and hospitality sectors. In addition, the luminaires, equipped with built-in sensors for applications such as room occupancy and motion detection, provide a solid foundation for both existing and future connected lighting systems,” said Paul Peeters, Business Leader Professional Lighting Europe at Philips Lighting.

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