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Philips SmartPole offers broadband connectivity & well lit streets

Philips SmartPole offers broadband connectivity & well lit streets

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 8, 2017: Philips has unveiled a new smart lightpole—SmartPole—which is similar to the traditional streetlight shape. The fixtures feature integrated antennas and Ericsson’s small cell outdoor radios, allowing them to provide internet coverage.

The smart lightpole offers network coverage, acting in concert to increase a city’s overall 4G network coverage.

Mobile network operators are currently trying to acquire new cell sites in public areas to provide best mobile broadband coverage for the customers. They are renting space in the smart poles, to densify their networks for the citizens to enjoy safely lit streets and better smartphone data capacity.

Philips will install 100 Philips SmartPoles in Los Angeles,which will be the first city in the world to have these SmartPoles.

This untapped domain will offer better broadband connectivity in any city, and will also enable infrastructure for the future. It will also create jobs, save tax payer dollars, and improve the environment in the process.

Any type of luminaires can be placed on the pole to maintain a consistent illumination pattern on the streets.

The LED lighting can also be remotely controlled by using cloud-based Philips CityTouch street lighting management system. This will save energy as well.

“The digital transformation of public areas is increasing rapidly. Today’s civic authorities want to meet the requirements of the people they serve by creating connected and protected environments that are smart and efficient, and that take advantage of all emerging technologies in the future,” said Christoph Herzig, head of venture at Philips Lighting.

“Street lighting has the potential to become a high-performing wireless network that is essential for any city’s digital transformation. Think of it as digital real estate that can be rented out,” Herzig added.

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