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Pixelligent develops new OLED light extraction technology

Pixelligent develops new OLED light extraction technology

October 30, 2015: Pixelligent, the leader in high-index materials, announced the development of a new OLED light extraction technology that dramatically increases light output in their customer’s OLED Lighting devices. Pixelligent founder and chief technology officer, Dr. Gregory Cooper, presented the new technology at the 17th Annual OLEDs World Summit.

These new nanocomposite materials, which combine scattering particles along with PixClear® zirconia, are delivering significant improvements in light extraction and efficiency for numerous OLED lighting applications. “This class of materials represents the next generation of Pixelligent’s technology development strategy. In fact, we have seen light output double in devices that our partners and customers have tested with our PixClear® OLED products,” said Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Cooper’s presentation included the numerous breakthroughs Pixelligent has achieved in OLED lighting applications, derived from its unique and proprietary light extraction nanocomposite materials. These new OLED materials will enable Pixelligent’s customers to deliver new OLED Lighting devices with unprecedented light extraction and cost efficiencies.

The OLEDs World Summit is an annual conference highlighting the materials driving innovation in OLED lighting and display. Dr. Cooper’s presentation will be made available on pixelligent.com after the conference.

Dr. Cooper will be speaking at the International Workshop on Flexible & Printable Electronics being held in Jeonju, Korea on November 6. His talk, entitled “Internal Light Extraction for OLED Lighting,” will also be made available on pixelligent.com.


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