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Price of LED light bulbs drops by 5.9%

Price of LED light bulbs drops by 5.9%

By BizLED Bureau

May 9, 2016: April 2016 witnessed a 5.9% drop in the global average sales price (ASP) of 40W-equivalent LED light bulbs as compared to the previous month which was calculated to be around $9.7. On the other hand, the ASP of 60W-equiv. LED light bulbs dropped by 7.2% to $13.1.

According to LEDinside analyst, the price of LED light bulbs in China is falling down owing to sales movements concerning the Chinese Labor Day holiday. Beside this, other Asian regions have also witnessed similar dropout in LEDs owing to promotional pricing of recent products. The European and U.S. market have been facing similar situations

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Price of LED light bulbs drops by 5.9%

The costs of 0.2W LED packages dropped considerably in the first half of 2015, at a time when the demand was at its peak and manufacturers also assertively reduced the prices to keep on the competitive mode. Following this, prices of 0.2W packages reduced to such a point where the manufacturers are now facing difficulty to make noteworthy additional reduction.

This resulted in a mounting demand for such products along with a predictable decline in the prices since a number of manufacturers competed in this market division. The price of mid-power 5630 LED packages dropped by 6.5% on a monthly basis in April 2015.

Major players like Lumileds abd LG also witnessed price reduction for their mid-power 5630 products. This package type has now become the mainstream requirement for the lighting market, and the modification in its periodical average price in April was a fall of 1.2%.

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The costs of 0.5W LED components falling in the category of 2835 and 5630 package types sustained their fall in the Chinese market in April. Alternatively, costs of 1W 3030 and 0.2W 2835 LED products witnessed mere changes in April 2016.

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