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Progress report of three LED streetlight projects in India

Progress report of three LED streetlight projects in India

By BizLED Bureau

Mar 22, 2016: Central government is making serious efforts towards energy saving programs. Programs like Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (EESL) and state-run Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) have successfully managed to replace existing streetlights with ‘power efficient’ LED lights.

However, few states have picked up the pace while others have lagged behind due to political, financial or technical difficulties. We will discuss the progress report of one large streetlight project in Hyderabad, and two delayed streetlight installation in other states of the country.

Hyderabad LED streetlight project

The proposed plan to replace existing light with ‘energy efficient’ LED streetlight will help save Hyderabad Rs 1 billion. The completed work till date is estimated to halve energy bills and save Rs 1 billion (US $15.04 million) in energy bills, as reported by a leading daily. The pilot project installed close to 750 streetlights in certain areas of Hyderabad.

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The metro city is home to 413,029 streetlights, where the LED streetlight upgrade will happen in several phases. The first phase will see 32,000 streetlights in the city will be replaced with LED lights, stated GHMC mayor Bonthu Rammohan.

City officials are spending Rs 1.9 billion on the existing sodium vapor streetlights as the city consume 60 MW of power at an average 20 million units of electricity per month.

Out of the 413,029 streetlights in the majority are high-pressure sodium vapor lights (HPSV) with nearly half of these being 150W HPSV (207,793). The LED streetlight retrofit plan will cost an estimated Rs 5 billion, stated a senior official.

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Aurangabad Municipal Corporation LED streetlight project

Proposal of 40,000 LED streetlight upgrade in the city of Aurangabad has been put on hold. There are many tenders for the project but none has been approved yet by the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.  A reliable source from the corporation cited municipality’s budget constraint as one of the reasons for this delay.

The project was scrapped earlier by the previous city’s commissioner. However, the project was reinstated later in September 2014 with a period of allotted one year to complete the installation work. But, no progress has been made so far.

Ludhiana’s LED streetlights project

The city of Ludhiana is facing a similar situation as Aurangabad. Tenders have been submitted by the contractors but nothing has been approved yet. A Canadian company showed interest in the project but no progress was made to materialize the prospects.

City officials have been asked by the state government to float new tenders. The streetlight project involves installing 100,000 LED streetlights to replace old lights, with an estimated cost of Rs 1 billion.

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