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Prototype ear-worn LED lights for nurses

Prototype ear-worn LED lights for nurses

By BizLED Bureau

Sep 7, 2016: Nurses working in dark hospital rooms at night can now do away with age-old flashlights that often disturb sleeping patients. Shimane University and Do Light, a light manufacturer in Japan,have teamed up to develop a prototype LED lightthat can beworn around the ear, which willallow nurses to have both hands free while working in dark rooms.

Research started in March 2015 with Do Light, based in Izumo’s Nagahamacho district, and computer maker Shimane Fujitsu Ltd., whose head office is in the city’s Hikawacho district. A prototype light was completed in July 2016.

Helpful for nurses and patients

Patients get disturbed when they are suddenly exposed to bright light from a flashlightcarried by a nurse. Moreover, nurses are required to conduct several difficult tasks at night with both hands. Hence,hands-free light seemed to be the best solution, which fulfils the needs of both the patients and nurses, according to

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Highlights of the device

  • Measuring 57 millimetres long, 25 mm wide and 15.5 mm thick, the prototype LED light is worn on the ear with a headband. The light switches on when users tilt their heads forward.
  • A wide-angle mode and a spotlight mode are available for the device, which can light an area 20 cm in diameter and 40 to 50 cm in front of the user at illumination levels of around 100 lux–bright enough to conduct manual work.
  • The rechargeable light weighs 37 grams and is equipped with a function that gradually increases the illumination or turns it off.
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