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Puducherry distributes 102 million LED bulbs in 2 years

Puducherry distributes 102 million LED bulbs in 2 years

By BizLED Bureau

June 24, 2016: In a bid to become the world’s LED capital, India has been encouraging the use of LED lighting across various states. And it is Puducherry, a small city in Andhra Pradesh that is leading the way towards LED goal of the nation. About 102 million LED bulbs have been distributed in Puducherry within two years, thus making, Andhra Pradesh emerge as the clear winner among other states.

Under the ongoing LED revolution in India, 11,68,97,199 LED bulbs haven been distributed so far, saving 4,15,92,023 energy per day, and saving 16,63,68,094 costs per day. In addition, the nation reported reduction of almost 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per day.

Puducherry LED program

The program was a result of partnership between numerous institutions and residents, which began with the recognition that novel demand aggregation strategies can drive economies of scale and address the elevated first cost barrier of LEDs, thus creating a golden chance to revolutionize the LEDS market.

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Working with the International Institute for Energy Conservation , the LED program aims to develop the standard offer scheme for the LED lights. The model was presented to the Puducherry Electricity Department, which agreed to execute the model for switching to LED bulbs from conventional lights. The Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a state-run energy services company is accountable for executing the program.

Govt’s support

The Puducherry government started the program by handing out three LED bulbs to each family in the union territory at Rs 10 per bulb. This initiative proved to be a great success, an official said. And now, the government is set to replace the entire conventional streetlights in Puducherry with LEDs. In addition, such LED street lighting scheme will also start in Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe that are under Puducherry The program helped spread the use of LED bulbs and helped with transforming the market for the product in Puducherry, and afterwards in other parts of the nation, an official said.

Power and cost saving

The program has also resulted in substantial savings in terms of power and cost across Puducherry. With 609,000 LED bulbs being used in the union territory, a total of 27,000 megawatt hour of energy has been saved which results in cost savings of around Rs 81 million.

Commercial implementation

Besides households, a number of commercial ventures in Puducherry are also switching to LED lighting. For instance,  Palais de Mahe, a boutique hotel has started to replace compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) with LEDs. The power savings are now standardized all over the industry. While a 15 watt CFL gives the same light as that of a 75 W incandescent bulb, the same work is done by a 7 W LED bulb.

The government’s push for promoting LED has aided in escalating demand and reducing prices, according to the Electric Lamps and Components Manufacturers’ Association of India (ELCOMA).

Through the government’s DELP promotion scheme 102 million light bulbs have been sold, another 40% have been sold in the regular market. Whilst the government scheme avoids the market distribution ecosystem by buying LED bulbs in bulk from the manufacturers, the conventional supply chain is necessary to reach those who get left out of the program.

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LED and environment: Do they go hand-in-hand?

The changeover to LED lighting till 2050 will result in the reduction in power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. There would be an increase in lighting illumination simultaneously. Metal depletion for manufacturing the LED systems, however, will increase till 2030 and then decrease, according to a recent paper in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Hence, it can be rightly said that the changeover to LED lighting is beneficial in the long run in terms of economy as well as environmental health.

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