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Q-Tran launches vivid color quality and diode-free LED tape light

Q-Tran launches vivid color quality and diode-free LED tape light

Feb 3, 2017: Q-Tran, Inc. introduces a new flexible tape light with very tightly spaced, single bin 2016 LED chips. The 0.08 inch separation between LED Chips make pixel-free direct view finishes more obtainable than ever, even in some of our lowest profile extrusions. At 5.0 Watts per foot this product has high efficacy chips which produce between 85-94 Lumens per Watt, and its outstanding dimming capabilities make it well suited for any linear LED application. The terrific color rendering (CRI over 95 and 15 R-Values greater than 90), the many pixel-free direct view options and 1″ cut points make this the most versatile LED Tape Light available today.

The proximity of the cut points enable you to make precise, custom fixtures down to the one inch increment. The high efficacy LED Chips with superior color rendering produce stunning output with very low energy consumption; between 425 and 468 lumens per foot at a modest 5.0 W/FT.
You can now achieve diode-free direct view fixtures results by combining the new iQ20 5.0 W/FT. 2016 Chip with our FLUR, LATO, VEVE, SQUR & 45DW-90 Extrusions and a Diffused Lens.

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CRI, which stands for Color Rendering Index, is a quantitative measurement of color accuracy, with 100 being the maximum. R-Values represent the ability to accurately reproduce 16 colors, also with a maximum rating of 100. R9 Value represents the lights ability to accurately reproduce Reds, which historically is a difficult color to convey in LEDs. The new iQ20 5.0W Flexible Tape Light exceeds most other LEDs in both of these categories, delivering high CRIs ranging from 96.8 for 2700K to 97.2 for 3000K and 15 of the 16 R-Values over 90, including R9 measuring at 98.3 for 2700K and 93.8 for 3000K. These measurements are significant and much higher than what most manufacturers offer. TM-30 was adopted in 2015 by IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) to supplement and eventually replace the CRI metric. The TM-30 results, as well as a more thorough overview of this product’s specifications and photometrics, can be seen here.

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Q-Tran, Inc., founded in 1993, in response to a need in the industry for transformers specifically designed for low voltage lighting. Today, the company has grown to sell over 300 different varieties of Transformers and Power Supply Centers as well as indoor and outdoor Architectural LED Lighting and LED power supplies. In 2013, Q-Tran began offering Linear LED Lighting and Extrusions and has quickly become one of the most trusted names in the Linear LED Lighting industry by applying the same high standards, innovative design and dedication to produce only the highest-quality products, maintaining the outstanding reputation they have been known for many years within the industry.

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