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Quantum dots technology to bring sea changes in TV market

Quantum dots technology to bring sea changes in TV market

June 22, 2017: Quantum dots technology is expected to be one of the biggest sea changes in the television market. The global market for quantum dots will grow significantly in the next 18 months. Companies such as QD Vision and Nanosys have developed scalable solution production processes and are partnering with multi-national OEMs to use quantum dots in displays for consumer products. Some products are already on the market and will be rolled-out into mass produced TVs by the middle of 2015.

The current market for companies selling quantum dots is between $25 million (conservative) and $48 million (optimistic) in revenues, with the quantum dots-enabled product market in excess of this. Revenues for quantum dots-enhanced products are potentially upwards of $7 billion by 2024 across displays, solid-state lighting, solar, biomedical, anti-counterfeiting and sensors sectors.

A report Global Quantum Dot TV Market: Trends & Opportunities (2014-2019) by MarketReportsOnline.com, has made this market estimation on the basis of some assumptions of the past years? volume production and expected production in the future and projected price fluctuations.

Market for quantum dot technology

The market for quantum dot technology is currently dominated by three commercial applications?quantum dot backlight filters, quantum dot color filters and quantum dot backlight units.

Quantum dot is the emerging technology in the display market. Consumers are always in need of new technology which will give them an improved viewing experience. Quantum dot TV will result in enhanced color gamut and will observe quick penetration into the market after 2018.

Continuous improvement of the quality of displays is a key demand of companies that market display based products. Quantum dots technology is particularly attractive as it allows absolute improvement in the quality of LCD displays so that they can compete with next generation OLED products.

Growth drivers

Quantum dot TV market growth drivers report include

  • Demand of improved quality displays
  • Expected low cost of quantum dots
  • Decrease in shipments of curved TVs
  • Increase in global TV shipments
  • Increase in quantum dots material market
  • Accurate colors
  • Economic development

Benefits of quantum dot technology

Quantum dot technology offers improved picture quality at a fraction of the price of organic LED (OLED). It comprises a new class of material that can be tuned to emit light very efficiently at precise red, green and blue wavelengths, thus creating an ideal light spectrum for LCDs. Picture quality, color fidelity and accuracy have been steadily getting better due to improved display technology, advanced signal processing, automated factory calibration, and increased competition.

Quantum dot technology helps to close one of the major performance gaps between LCD and OLED displays, that is color. Quantum dot gives LCD displays a wider color gamut and better power efficiency.

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