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Quantum Dots to bring 1 million colors to TV, smaller screens

Quantum Dots to bring 1 million colors to TV, smaller screens

By BizLED Bureau

April 13, 2016: Quantum dot displays that are ultra-colorful are not yet popular, but that will soon change. It is likely to bring better color to small screen like PCs and other smaller devices.

Massachusetts-based optics company QD Vision has introduced a new quantum dot optics, which will provide better color to LCD monitors and PCs. This quantum dot optics Color IQ tech uses 2mm-thin optics, which will allow quantum dot to provide excellent color screens to smaller devices. The new Color IQ optical component represents a 33% width reduction from the 3mm optic, making it the thinnest quantum dot available today. Color IQ is currently being used in Samsung and LG TVs.

Quantum dot is a technology that provides full-gamut color. Quantum dot displays use unique nano-crystals to emit precise colors, which can be almost twice better color and lifelike. Quantum dot TVs are also cheaper to produce than OLED TVs.

Quantum dot’s wide color gamut (1 million colors) will also help make gaming monitors, PCs, etc, into a rich entertainment platform. Since, quantum dot is much cheaper than OLEDs, it will soon become a household name.

According to a study, quantum dots (QD) will potentially explode in the next two years, with companies like QD Vision and Nanosys developing scalable solution production processes and are partnering with multi-national OEMs to use quantum dots in displays for consumer products.

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