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Quantum Materials launches nano-materials online store

Quantum Materials launches nano-materials online store

Sep 4, 2017: Leading American Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp (OTCQB: QTMM) today announced the launching of the Company’s new Nano-Materials online store at http://qmcdots.com/purchase/buy-materials.php

Quantum Materials’ considerable experience in the large-scale, low-cost processing of highly uniform quantum dots and other nanomaterials allows the Company to offer a wide range of quantum dots, including tetrapod quantum dots, quantum rods, plasmonic particles, and a wide variety of custom nanoparticles to meet the growing demand for these materials as they are becoming broadly recognized for their unique features.

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Although Quantum Materials Corp is widely known as a leading cadmium free quantum dot manufacturer, it is the QMC patented, scalable flow process technology that sets the Company apart from competitors in the quantum dot space. From the beginning, QMC developed process technology to be precisely controllable as well as flexible. What has been achieved is a fully automated system that is capable of producing highly uniform quantum dots with superior optical performance, that is also equally capable of producing a wide range of other very desirable nanomaterials such as plasmonic particles, shaped quantum materials, magnetic nanoparticles and even bio-compatible nanoparticles suitable for functionalization with DNA.

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“Offering these unique materials via ecommerce will allow us to reach a much larger audience of commercial, industrial and academic researchers and allow these great minds easy access to some of today’s most cutting edge nanomaterials. Best of all, even if a material and specification is not offered off-the-shelf, we are more than capable of producing nanomaterials for commercial or research groups with exact specifications. The ability to quickly and efficiently customize nanomaterials is what makes our process technology so extraordinary,” said Quantum Materials Corp MC CEO Stephen Squires.

“We are thrilled to launch our new online store,” said Toshi Ando, Sr. Director of Business Development for Asia/Pacific. “Even some of our current customers are unaware of the wide range of nanomaterials that we have developed and are capable of producing. By introducing this online store, we believe it will make it easier for both new and old customers to become more familiar with the breadth of nanomaterials we offer. Although the range of nanomaterials we are currently offering is significant we will continue to expand the range as we develop and qualify new materials.”

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